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Why Urinals Smell

Why Urinals Smell

The smell in urinals is usually caused by a bacteria BIOFILM  within the limescale and uric salts that build up on the internal surface o the waste and outlet trap. The water used by urinals is supposedly to flush the uric salts scale out. In attempting to eliminate the smell from urinals, the flushing regime may be increased, but in fact this can exacerbate the problem. No matter how often the urinal is flushed, uric salts will still form in the flush pipe and develop bacteria that relish in moist environments.  Conversely , reduced flushing  prevents the uric sludge from being readily moved along the waste pipes. Blockages are caused by the build up of limescale , uric salts . Urinals also suffer from seepage from the connection between the waste outlet and the waste trap .

Surrounding areas in the urinal may be impregnated with urine and once dried release smells.

Eliminating Odour and Smell

Urinal smells are primarily caused by “bad “bacterial activity and result in the formation of sludge and slime commonly known as BIOFILM.

The NoFlush System   includes a solenoid , timer and replaceable BioSleeve  which is inserted into the waste outlet. When the BioSleeve is placed blow the water level in the trap , specially formulated “bio-enzymes”  are released and pass into all areas where common uric salts build up. The “bio-enzymes”  allow the breakdown of the BIOFILM and uric sludge, without giving off bad smells.  Regular flushing  ( generally every 4-6 hours) ensures that  the solubilised uric salts are washed away. Bio-enzymes are refreshed with replacement of the BioSleeve  on a quarterly basis.

A daily cleaning routine of the urinals and surrounding areas including the floor is required with pre-diluted NoFlush BioClean concentrate which also contains the specially formulated “bio-enzymes”.

Water Savings

No Flush Solutions don’t advocate turning off the water to your urinal as the solids in the urine settle-out and adhere to the pipes.
Reducing the flush to every 4 – 6 hours reduces the amount of water being wasted and provides enough water to flush the urinal and pipes.