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It really makes life simple for us. 1 biological cleaner and odour and stain remover, NoFlush BioClean. We use it for the urinals, boys' toilet floors, girls' toilet floors and vanity basins. We retained and reset our auto flush systems, so all we had to do was install the NoFlush BioSleeves.

Ann Sui, Asset Manager

Petar gave me some NoFlush BioClean to clean up dribbling and spillages our old dog was leaving on carpets, on the wooden floor of our back verandah and on our concrete floors in the garage and driveway. It removed the old smells and stains almost over night and eliminated the new ones on a daily basis. I took some to work and we now use it in our workshop toilets and urinal, which were a bit high on the nose. No-one dreads going to the toilet any more.

Geoff Brown, Mechanical Workshop Owner

True to nature, our male washrooms actually smelt most of the day. Everyone thought it was the normal way of life. Thank heavens we listened to Petar and trialed the NoFlush Urinal Systems and NoFlush Bio-remediation Process. It really works and is easy to use. Just clean the urinals and floors with the NoFlush BioClean .

Jessica Green, Food Market Owner

In my more naive days, I used to think it was simple to get rid of urinal smells and that the cleaners were just being lazy,when the converse is typically the truth. Since introducing NoFlush Urinal Systems and the biological products to our urinals and toilet floors the odours and smells have disappeared.

John Barnes, Property Manager

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