The urine odour and stain removal experts

How it Works


The first and overriding criteria when developing and designing the NoFlush Urinal Systems was ease of installation and retrofitting to existing urinals and new urinals. The second design criteria was a set and forget requirement.

Nearly all NoFlush Urinal Water Management Systems are set provide a rinsing flush every 4  to 6 hours.  If the cleaning regime is correctly undertaken there is no requirement to increase this cycle.


No Flush Urinal Systems mechanical components are:

  1. Water Management System Timer – AC or DC intelligent programmable timers
  2. Solenoid valve – AC or DC
  3. Air gap
  4. Waste outlet adaptor – plastic component installed into the urinal outlet which allows the NoFlush BioSleeve to be fitted into the urinal outlet.


The biological or consumable components are:

  1. NoFlush BioSleeve – contains biological block and is fitted in the waste outlet adaptor and replace only every 3 months.
  2. NoFlush BioClean – A concentrated biological cleaner containing uric acid and urine specific microbacteria that is used to clean the urinals and toilet floors. A 10: 1 diluted mix is sprayed on the urinal surfaces using standard spray bottle and a 20:1 diluted mix is used to mop the toilet floor on a daily basis.


The combination of the NoFlush BioSleeve, NoFlush BioClean and water create the environment that allows the microbacteria to create enzymes that breakdown and consume the urine, uric acid and associated products creating the Bio-remediation process which eliminates urinal and toilet floor odours and smells.


NoFlush Water Management Timer instructions can be downloaded in PDF format and printed as required.