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About NoFlush Urinal Solutions

No Flush Urinal Solutions Pty Ltd is an Australian company that has been created to specifically solve smelly urinal problems, eliminate odours in male toilets and reduce water use and wastewater discharge associated with urinal flushing.  We specialise in and focus on investigating the problems, developing solutions, implementing solutions and providing ongoing maintenance services.

On a functional basis we take pride in:

  1. Solving and eliminating smelly urinal and boys toilet odours and problems.
  2. Providing urinal water savings.
  3. Retrofitting odour and water saving solutions to existing urinals.
  4. Upgrading existing urinals with NoFlush Urinal Systems
  5. Providing NoFlush Urinal Systems for new installations.
  6. Annual service and maintenance contracts.
  7. Providing adhoc service and maintenance as required

Why Do Urinals and Boys’ Toilets Become Smelly?

  1. Anaerobic Bacterial Reactions emit Smells from the Urinal Waste Outlet.
  2. Urine Spillage in front of Urinal becomes Anaerobic and is not Cleaned Properly.
  3. Urine Tracked around Toilet Floor on Bottom of Shoes becomes Anaerobic and is not Cleaned or Treated Properly.

It’s as simple as that. It’s the same reaction and smell as when a compost heap goes off and becomes Anaerobic.Is There an Easy Solution?

Yes, Yes and Yes! If You Know What To Do!

NoFlush BioClean, NoFlush BioSleeves, NoFlush BioBlocks and NoFlush BioMates together with the NoFlush Water Management System reverse the anaerobic process that causes smelly urinals and male toilets. They create an aerobic reaction. The uric acid and urine specific micro bacteria contained in these products reverses the reaction by eating the uric acid and urine and converting these into oxygen, water, nitrogen and carbon. The process is known as bio-remediation.  It is totally safe and environmentally friendly.

Upto 95% Water and Wastewater Savings

Urinals are one of the biggest consumers of water in a school or business. Water Audits confirm that they can account for 15% – 35% of the water consumption.  They can also generate upto 15% to 35% of the wastewater discharged. The NoFlush Urinal Water Management System reduces water used by urinals by upto 95% – 98%. The system is “NoFlush” in that normal flushing is replaced by an “activation rinse” every 4-6 hours via the water management system that contains universal timer and 1 or more solenoids. The purpose of the activation rinse three fold:

  1. Eliminates the uric acid crystallization and calcification build up in urinal wastewater outlet pipes and resulting blockages associated with waterless urinals and oil based urinal traps.
  2. Cleanse that urinal and wastewater outlet pipe of any minor wastes
  3. Keeps the micro bacteria alive during periods of low use and holiday periods

This level of water use is generally 2% to 5% of former use. NoFlush Urinal Systems generally have a payback period of 6 to 24 months in Australia.  For high use urinals the payback periods as low as 3 months have been achieved.  Internationally in many hotels, holiday resorts and shopping centres payback periods can be as low as 3 to 5 months.

Easy To install

The first and overriding criteria when developing and designing the NoFlush Urinal Systems was ease of installation and retrofitting to existing urinals. The second design criteria was set and forget requirement. No Flush Urinal Systems mechanical components are:

  1. Water Management System Timer – AC or DC intelligent programmable timers
  2. Solenoid valve – AC or DC
  3. Air gap
  4. Waste outlet adaptor – plastic component installed into the urinal outlet which allows the NoFlush BioSleeve to be fitted into the urinal outlet.

The biological or consumable components are:

  1. NoFlush BioSleeve – contains biological block and is fitted in the waste outlet adaptor and replace only every 3 months.
  2. NoFlush BioClean – A concentrated biological cleaner containing uric acid and urine specific microbacteria that is used to clean the urinals and toilet floors. A 10: 1 diluted mix is sprayed on the urinal surfaces using standard spray bottle and a 20:1 diluted mix is used to mop the toilet floor on a daily basis.

The combination of the NoFlush BioSleeve, NoFlush BioClean and water create the environment that allows the microbacteria to create enzymes that breakdown and consume the urine, uric acid and associated products creating the Bio-remediation process which eliminates urinal and toilet floor odours and smells.

Easy to Use and Maintain

NoFlush Urinal Systems are specifically designed to be easy to use and maintain.  We recognise that cleaners and maintenance staff responsible for toilets and urinals have many duties and are frequently pushed for time. The Water Management System Timer is programmed and set by the installation plumber. Once set the AC timers continue indefinitely. DC timers require battery replacement generally 6 or 12 months depending on battery type installed.

The NoFlush BioSleeve is replaced every 3 months this can be undertaken by cleaner or maintenance person. NoFlush BioCleaner is sprayed on the urinal surfaces every day and used to mop the toilet floor daily. There is no need to use any other cleaner for these functions.  Chemical cleaners containing chlorine and or phosphoric acid compounds cannot be used with the NoFlush biological cleaner as they kill the aerobic bacteria it contains and create an anaerobic environment that produces the smelly urinal and toilet floor odours the NoFlush Urinal System eliminates.

Company History

No Flush Urinal Solutions Pty Ltd is an Australian company that was spun off by Water and Energy Savers Pty Ltd to specifically service and focus on the urinal water and waste water savings and solving smelly urinal and boys’ toilet problems. Our founder Mr Petar Basanovic, a Consultant Engineer specialising in water and energy use efficiency, water and energy conservation and commercial water and energy audits, was looking for a solution for high water use by urinals in hotels and resorts, NSW clubs, office blocks and schools.

After trialling and rejecting waterless urinals and waterless urinals with oil based traps because they caused waste pipe blockages, were expensive to operate and maintain, cleaners did not like to service them, and frequently they did not mitigate or contain the urinal smells and odours, he looked for another solution.

in 2003, he become aware of system developed by an English company that used bio-remediation by uric acid and urine specific micro bacteria, contained in a medium within a BioSleeve or in BioBlock form  and manual water cleansing/rinsing system using a watering can that eliminated the urinal smells in English pubs and hotel toilets.

After travelling to England to verify the system worked and to confirm that the clients were please with the system he introduced the system in Australia.   He and the staff of Water and Energy Savers quickly realized that the manual water cleansing rinse system was alright for small properties with one or two urinals but a weakness in the commercial buildings and institutional properties, hotels with conferences facilities and schools with multiple and high use urinals in Australia and internationally or where the cleaners did not attend site each day.

In association with his staff and other companies in Australia, he developed the NoFlush Water Management System which uses a combination of electronic times and one or more solenoids to periodically release an activation flush that cleanses the urinal and provides moisture for the activation of the bacteria and to allow them to remain alive during periods of non supply of urine such as weekends and holiday periods.

The company is backed by the engineering and technical resources of Water and Energy Savers who have been conducting and providing commercial, institutional and industrial water audits and water efficiency and conservation services since 1992.

NoFlush Urinal Systems are now installed round Australia and in South East Asia. In addition to commercial clients a significant number of NoFlush Urinal Systems were installed in schools and community facilities via Community Water Grants provided by the Federal government some 5 to 8 years ago.
Sites and clients include:

  • Hotels, resorts and casinos
  • Cinemas and theatres
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Universities
  • Government Buildings
  • Shopping Centres
  • Sporting Clubs & Facilities
  • Multi storey office blocks
  • Industrial sites
  • Warehouses
  • Health facilities
  • Aged care facilities
  • Hospitals

Ultimate Quality

NoFlush Urinal Solutions use and installs only the best equipment and parts available when designing, specifying and installing NoFlush Water Management Systems.  Our Universal Intelligent AC and DC Timers and our AC Universal Timers are designed and manufactured in Australia. Similarly all of our AC and DC solenoids are now made in Australia.

NoFlush BioSleeves, NoFlush BioClean, NoFlush BioMates and NoFlush BioBlocks  all contain 9 strains of uric acid and urine specific bacteria that produce enzymes and digest the uric acid, urine and associated products converting these into oxygen, water, nitrogen and carbon. The process is known as bio-remediation.

Our concentrated biological products are made in England. Our testing to date has not found a concentrated Australian or American product that matches the efficiency and effectiveness of the concentrated NoFlush Biological products.

Our Ready to Use biological products, UrineClean ( Ready to Use) and Liftoff Organic ( Ready to use) Stain and Odour Remover,  are made to our specifications in Australia and testing todate indicates they are superior to most other ready to use biological products in the market.

Money Back Guarantee

NoFlush Urinal Solutions fixes smelly urinal problems every day for schools and businesses.  We are that confident in our solutions and technology, we offer a Money Back Guarantee if We Don’t Solve Your Smelly Urinal Problems



All NoFlush Equipment and Installations are backed by a 12 months parts and labour warranty.