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Free Consultation Service

NoFlush Urinal Solutions prides itself with the high level of customer service, consultation advice and education it provides to its clients and potential customers.

We provide free consultation service via telephone, online chat, direct email and Free Consultation Email.  Generally we can deal with you queries and provide advice and solutions directly.

  1. TELEPHONE – Call us on 1300 NoFlush with your query or advice on your odour/smell problems.
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  3. Free Consultation Email – Fill in the questions below, attach any photos and send us the Form and Photos.

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    Most Frequently Questions with Answers

    To assist clients we have listed some of the most Frequently Asked Questions with answers.

    We envisage that the questions are listed and when client hovers over or clicks the question the answer will appear in an expanded box. We assume that the same questions and answers will be listed and appear in the NoFlush FAQ’s section of the website

    Q. How do I know when to replace the NoFlush BioSleeve?

    ANS.  The BioSleeve will need replacing on average every 3 months. Urinals with more than one cistern may require more frequent replacement. Check the amount of biological (blue/green) material remaining in the BioSleeve by lifting the BioSleeve out of the waste outlet adaptor and checking the material under the cap.

    Q. Who Can Change The NoFlush BioSleeves?

    ANS.  The NoFlush BioSleeve is designed to be change quarterly by the school or business cleaner or onsite maintenance person or plumber. They are specifically designed to be easy to remove and replace.  If your school or business has contract cleaners who change frequently NoFlush urinal solutions provides a NoFlush BioSleeve Management and Changeover Service.

    Q. Does NoFlush Provide an Annual NoFlush BioSleeve Management and Changeover Service?

    ANS.   Yes Definitely.  NoFlush Urinal Solutions provides a NoFlush BioSleeve Management and Changeover Service for numerous clients Australia wide.    NoFlush Urinal Solutions provides a 20% discount for all consumables provided under and as part of an annual NoFlush BioSleeve Management and Changeover Service.

    Q. Can NoFlush Urinal Solutions undertake a service of our urinals?

    ANS.   Yes, absolutely.  Just call 1300 NoFlush or email Book a service Call  to book a service call online.  

    NoFlush is pleased to provide full service and maintenance services for all NoFlush Urinal systems installed around Australia.

    Free Down Loads


    PDF        Daily Cleaning

    PDF        Remedial Cleaning

    PDF        Introduction and How it Works

    PDF        Operating Instructions Universal Intelligent DC and AC Timers

    PDF        Operating Instructions UC 2 Timer

    PDF        Timers

    PDF        Installing NoFlush Urinal Systems and Timers


    MSDS Down Loads 


    MSDS NoFlush BioClean

    MSDS NoFlush BioSleeve, BioMates and BioBlocks

    MSDS  LiftOff Urine Clean

    MSDS LiftOff Urine Clean (Concentrate)

    MSDS LiftOff Organic Stain and Odour Remover

    MSDS LiftOff  Organic (Concentrate) Stain and Odour Remover

    MSDS LiftOff Emergency Clean Up Powder with Deodoriser

    MSDS LiftOff Drain Cleaner


     How to Videos

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    We also have the original videos on disk.