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How to fix the problem

  1. Replace the BioSleeve regularly –Replace at least every 3 months and more frequently for high use areas. Check the amount of biological (blue/green) material remaining in the  BioSleeve by lifting the BioSleeve out of the waste outlet and checking the underside of the cap.
  2. Ensure that the BioSleeve is contacting the water table in the urinal. Fitting of an extension tube may be required.
  3. Use the recommended cleaning product No Flush BioClean concentrate and dilute  as required .
  4. Do not use bleach, disinfectant or other cleaning products in the urinal or immediate surrounds as these will kill the bacteria in the BioSleeve.
  5. Follow the recommended daily cleaning instructions for both the urinals and toilet floor.
  6. Remove any debris from the urinal regularly
  7. Ensure that flushing of the system is limited to every 4-6 hours as excessive flushing will dilute the amount of “good bacteria: that break down the uric acid