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NoFlush BioMates Wide Skirt


NoFlush Bio Mates have three common uses:

  1. To supplement the BioSleeves in high use urinals or long stainless steel urinals by providing additional micro bacteria that are available to break down the urine and associated products.
  2. In low use ceramic urinals where it may be difficult to fit NoFlush BioSleeves.
  3. In waterless and zero flush urinals that have a common propensity to emit strong smells and odours and have blocked drains due to uric acid crystal build up.
  1. Long and High Use Urinals

For high use urinals the NoFlush BioMate™ is used as an assistant to the No Flush BioSleeve™ to ensure that enough biological material is delivered to the urinal during periods of high o intense use. Typically in cinemas’, theatres, schools with limited number of urinals, pubs, clubs, night clubs and sporting facilities and ovals.

For long stainless steel urinals the No Flush BioMate™ is ideally placed at the opposite end of the urinal to your No Flush BioSleeve™ (if your No Flush BioSleeve™ is in the centre of the urinal, a No Flush BioMateshould be placed at each end of the trough).

This will ensure that when your water management system activates there is plenty of friendly bacteria released from the gel composite blocks to ensure that uric salts are removed and odour control is optimised.

  1. Low Use Ceramic Urinals

NoFlush BioMatesTM  are used in low use ceramic urinals in lieu of NoFlush BioSleeve and in ceramic urinals where it may be difficult to install a NoFlush BioSleeve.

  1. Waterless and Zero Flush Urinals

NoFlush BioMatesTM  together with using NoFlush BioClean is frequently used to overcome the odours, smells and stains that occur in most waterless and zero flush urinals.

The added benefits is that regular use of NoFlush BioMates™ mitigates the blocked drains commonly associated with most waterless and zero flush urinals due to uric acid crystal build up in the urinal waste outlet pipe.

Available in two skirt sizes:

NoFlush BioMates™  Large skirt – for a wide trough and Round Skirt for narrow trough or small ceramic and waterless urinals.


Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 43 × 54 × 34 cm


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