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NoFlush BioSleeve


NoFlush BIOSLEEVE:  a plastic, cone shaped canister with a hydraulic valve that simply fits into the urinal outlet.  It contains a gel like suspension of friendly bacteria and enzymes, surfactants, water softeners and a subtle, pleasant deodorant. Has an average life expectancy of 3 months.

The BIOSLEEVE will direct and introduce a bacterial/enzyme mix to the urinal waste.  This waste is then enzymatically broken down and flushed away intermittently.  The great thing is that the bacteria work continually.

  • Provides a physical air lock which will not allow any odours or smells to enter
  • Restricts biofilm build up, prevents seepage, and helps preserve seals.
  • Helps prevent blockages and keeps pipe work clean.
  • Reduces water usage significantly.
  • Improves overall urinal hygiene.

The NoFlush BioSleeve by design and fitting provides an air lock to the outlet/trap.This prevents any remnant odours being emitted and directs all fluid through the BIOSLEEVE’S plastic cone so that  no  seepage  can  occur  at  the outlet/trap  junction. This helps prevent uric acid salts depositing at the sealed joints, so prolonging their use. Biofilm build up is also restricted, primarily to the cone itself (which is periodically replaced).

As fluid flows inside the BIOSLEEVE, seeding of the waste with bacteria/enzymes occurs. These good bacteria rapidly multiply into a functional ‘biomass’ that breaks down and digests the insoluble salts (primarily uric acid salts) into a soluble product which can be then flushed away.   The biomass competes with and predominates over other ‘bad’ bacteria further eliminating their bad odour production.    Additional conditioners (surfactant and softeners)  enhance  the  whole process.

The minimal, controlled flushing (via the solenoid/timing unit) allows sufficient time for the good bacteria to work whilst still providing periodic flushing of wastes.    So every time a flushing is done (usually 4-6 times/day), both new bacterial/enzyme seeding and elimination of ‘old’ waste occur simultaneously.

Features of the BioSleeve

  • Contains urine and uric acid specific micro-organisms and bacteria that digest and break down urine, uric acid crystals and associated products
  • Fresh clean citrus fragrance
  • Average 3 month life expectancy
  • Environmentally friendly biologicals to assist in keeping waste pipes clear.
  • Compatible with No Flush BioClean concentrate, No Flush BioMate and No Flush BioBlocks.


Available in 3 Colours :

Translucent  – allows easier viewing of the state of the biological block

White– crisp clean look for ceramic urinals

 Silver– to match steel urinal

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