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NoFlush BioClean 2 litre Concentrate


NoFlush BioClean  Biological Urine Stain and Odour Remover and Cleaner

NoFlush BioClean is biological urine stain and odour cleaner and remover designed for urinals and toilet floors.  It comes in concentrate form and should be diluted in spray bottles or mop buckets when used.

How it works

NoFlush BioClean works together with the NoFlush BioSleeves and NoFlush BioMates  to help eradicate odours and staining in and around the urinal and in toilet floors. The millions of urine and uric acid specific micro-organisms work at degrading, digesting and eating urine, uric acid, lime-scale and associated deposits often found on the urinal surface, the wall and floor areas surrounding the urinal, walk tracks in boys’ and men’s toilets (such as urinal to vanity basin, vanity basin to door and urinal to door) and the urinal waste outlets.  The process is called bio-remediation. It is environmental friendly and chemically free.

Where to Use it

No Flush BioClean Concentrate can be used on and around

  1. Stainless steel trough urinals and single ceramic urinals
  2. Wall and floor surfaces around urinals
  3. Toilet floor areas particularly the walk tracks soiled with urine picked up on the soles of shoes and sneakers.

Use the diluted NoFlush BioClean on all surfaces in the toilet/washroom that come into contact with urine.

NoFlush BioClean in diluted form can also be used as a general cleaner for vanity basins, walls, doors and other areas in the toilet area.

How to use it

NoFlush BioClean is a Concentrate and needs to be diluted before use.

Dilution ratios differ depending on the situation.  For urinal areas, walls and doors we suggest it is diluted in a trigger spray bottle and for floor areas we suggest that it is diluted in a mop bucket.

Situation Ratio Per litre of water
Standard /daily cleaning 20:1 50ml
Heavily Soiled /used 10:1 100ml
Remedial Clean 5:1 200ml


Standard Cleaning is performed daily to remove any material from the face and surrounds of the urinal. Simply spray the diluted No Flush BioClean over the face of the urinal and its immediate surrounds. Wipe the areas sprayed with a cloth to remove any soiling , re-spray and leave to dry.

Heavily Soiled or high use urinals may need a slightly stronger concentration but the cleaning method is the same as above.

Remedial Cleaning is performed where the urinal and surrounds have built up deposits that need extra time and attention to remove. Mix a stronger solution and thoroughly saturate stubborn deposits. Leave this for a few minutes and scrub, re-spray and leave overnight, scrub and rinse again.

Available in four sizes :

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1 Litre bottle – makes up to 20 litres when diluted

2 Litre bottle –  makes up to 40 litres when diluted

5 Litre Bottle  – makes up to 100 litres when diluted

20 Litre Bottle  – makes up to 400 litres when diluted

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